Why Token Develop?

Why Token Develop?

Token develop is one of the notable financial institution license providing company in Switzerland. Our experts are having great knowledge to provide a financial license, which is perfectly suited for your industry. Token develop is the specialist for providing a financial license for European based startups, financial institution, financial service provider, insurance companies, banks, and electronic money institution.

Why Token Develop?

* Culture

* Startup license

* Time management

* Data protection

Developed with blockchain

Developed with blockchain

Decentralized application to run your business in a better way

We provide every license document in English which is easy to understand your term and conditions. Token develop have 5 years of experience to provide a financial license with data protection. Data protection is the major issue of every Fintech companies, token develop can helps to protect your transaction and sensitive data with high-security features.

    Our benefits:

  • We follow the friendly work culture to provide a fully documented financial license for your industry.
  • We provides a special financial license for startups for those who start their business in Europe.
  • Token develop provides the financial license in short duration. Start your financial based business with our financial license.
  • We protect your sensitive data, which is prevented from the unauthorized hacking. Transfer and store your data with high security.
  • Startups, Financial Institutions, Financial Service Provider, Insurance Companies, Banks, and Electronic Money Institutions.
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Technology Stack

Board members

Our CEO Board

Manuel Garcia
Ali Omer
Ali Omer
CEO Token Suite
Steve Good
Steve Good
International Advisor

Manuel has worked for European finance companies for the last 20 years of his life. He is currently the director of the Swiss company Foster Swiss financial consulting. His business experience covers more than 20 years of professional career starting in 1999. He has a PHD in international law and four post-grades. During his professional career he has advised on the creation of more than 200 companies from all sectors, especially Fintech, Payment Processors and Money Management.

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