Financial License

Types of Financial License

Token develop offers the all advanced features and benefits in Security token offering which is suited for every size of business modules.

Data Protection

Token develop offers data protection for Fintech companies. Not all companies want data protection, but in Fintech companies, they can handle most sensitive and confidential datas. In current days, personal datas are transferred via the network, so you protect your sensitive datas from the unauthorized persons. With the data protection assessment, the process the done based on the person's behaviour, economic situation, and location. Data processing is the main job for this Fintech companies, our experts provide the complete solutions with a simple understandable format.

e money license in Switzerland
e money license

Business Sectors

Token develop is one of the top financial license proving company. We offer our service in any type of industries. Each and every business sectors want the sustains in many years, based on our financial license you can provide your service in different countries. We provide the many types of financial license which are perfectly suited for your business.

  • * Marketing and communication
  • * IT and telecommunication
  • * Real estate and construction
  • * Transport
  • * Financial services
White label card installation

White label card installation

Token Develop helps to displays your coin in familiar exchange sites and with this, you can easily catch the clients from different countries.

Security token offering services in Switzerland

White label card installation

Token develop provides the white label solution for your financial institutions and Fintech companies. Our experts are a focus on your company’s services and help to offers your services in different countries. Our white label card solution is to handle all your background banking process, So you can focus on your financial services, financial products, and customers needs. Fintech companies, financial institutions, payment service provider, startup and bank are spending more money on getting a license. With the white label solutions, you can reduce your cost and done work so easily.

Challenger banks

Challenger banks are a small size and recently started the bank, which is used only online process. So they can reduce the complexity and cost of the banking process. Every challenger banks are focused on the technology-based processing, this will helps the many financial institutions and fintech companies. Because Fintech companies are transferring their funds via online banking.

License types

Types Of License

Bank License

Token Develop provides this type of license for a period of 6 months, during which you can perform audits, accounting reports and work with your business bank. We are the most experienced bank license provider today.

Payment Institutions

This type of license allows its bearer to offer payment solutions for purchases on the internet, for this reason it has a high demand among startup companies, financial institutions and fintech companies. At Token Developp, the use of a language other than English is permitted for sending documentation, data or other requirements to the developer.

Electronic Money Institutions

Licensed with a wide variety of financial services that allow the use and use of the benefits of electronic money as a means of payment without any restriction and without the requirement of third party authorization in the common market.

Specialized Banks

A license that offers Token Developp to offer all kinds of banking services and also specializes in providing financial assistance to a particular industry or sector.

Securities Broker

The essential link between a consumer and financial markets. With this license offered by Token Develop you will be able to advise customers through the multiple financial investment opportunities available, the purchase or sale of shares and find the option that best suits your needs.

Blockchain, cryptocurrency and ICO

With this technology, form of payment and type of financing, companies are revolutionizing the world market, obtaining unprecedented economic results in record time. With our license you can create your own company and start the fast finance business with digital technology.

Data protection in Fintech companies

Token Develop offers this license because of the great importance of data protection in a company; it will guarantee the sending, processing, handling and protection of information that may be of great importance and confidentiality.

Licenses to offer PSD2 and TIPS services


PSD2 (Second Payment Service Directive) is a European regulation that is used to increase the security of digital payments and offers a banking service adapted to new technologies.


TIPS (Target Instant Payment Settlement) Is a new market infrastructure, which is developed by the ECB. This allows payment service providers to offer funds transfers to their customers instantly.

All our products are ready for your new Fintech company

All our products are ready for your new Fintech company

Now with decentralized applications to develop your business in a more optimal and secure way.

At Token Develop we offer a highly qualified legal service for customers to receive a financial services license that meets a wide range of business interests and requirements.

    Our benefits:

  • EMI (Electronic Money Institutions)
  • Transparency in the process
  • Personalized attention 24 hours 7 days a week.
payment institution license mobile-app mobile-app global payment processing
Fintech license

Payment provider license

We can develop software for Fintech companies. That will be used to make your financial process so easy. With our financial license, you can offer your services in many other countries like USA. Token develop is the most experienced financial licensing providing company. We licensed many startups and Fintech companies within a short duration. Our software helps to run your financial process in a better way.

finance institution license provider

Payment provider license

The payment service provider makes online shopping with the electronic payment. Now they use software for their transaction process. We provide the license for this kind of payment service providing company. Based on our license you can expand your services in many countries. Every payment service provider wants the high security for their transaction process. With our white-label solutions you can do your transaction securely.

If you want to develop an own payment institution you need a two major component like payment gateway and wallet. Risk monitoring software, fraud detection software, and underwriting software, these all are the must be wanted softwares to create an online payment service.